1. .: "[President 's] presidency is going to be remembered as a historical parentheses."

  2. Jokic is up to a career high 28 points & counting on !

  3. WATCH: Giant alligator takes a stroll through Florida nature center

  4. Whenever I pick between hypothetical superpowers I always end up with whichever​ one could be used to steal money Ytbing is in my blood

  5. .: "[] can tweet and he makes news everywhere. I want to see the tweets turned into policy.

  6. "We feel like we owe those guys one." wants a piece of the : (via )

  7. Vegas !! catch old school @gormanhoops play nxt weekend 1/21 !! its…

  8. Melo's last second shot won't go. Schroder's 3 wins it for . :108 :107 ATL: 5 straight road wins.

  9. My I love you face

  10. We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon.

  11. The moon, or supermoon, seen here as it set over the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in 2016. More:

  12. This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.

  13. the rough places will be made plain and the crooked places will be made straight

  14. The looks. The style. The adorableness. 🐶🐱 Get your pet ready for Saturday’s with .

  15. The looks. The style. The adorableness. 🐶🐱 Get your pet ready for Saturday’s with .

  16. POLL: What will Obama's primary legacy be?

  17. Your 6⃣️-day Blaugrana 📆 Tues: 🏃🏋️ Wed: 🏃🏋️ Thurs: ⚽️ at Real Sociedad Fri: 🏃🏋️ Sat: 🏃🏋️ Sun: ⚽️ ! 💪🔵🔴

  18. "Why?"was written for MLK &it beautifully honors his life's work. Today more than ever I share the sentiment

  19. 1. The final minutes were CRAZY. 2. No Jordy, no problem. delivered. 8 observations from :

  20. 1. Final minutes = CRAZY. 2. No Jordy, no problem. 2. delivered. 8 observations from :

  21. The Divisional Championships are set (via ). Lock it in with SportsCenter AM for all of your NFL action ➡️ :

  22. This episode of is everything. , , & P. Henson as Cookie Lyon. Luv it

  23. Per , the 88 combined 3PA from & are tied for the in a game in .