1. Thunder ends Q1 on 12-4 run, leads Kings 28-23. Russell Westbrook 3/4 for 7 points.

  2. Steph Curry says if he's complaining about $44 million over four years, then he's "got other issues in [his] life."

  3. 🔹Keep telling to 🔹Call the DOJ: 202-353-1555 🔹Call the office of the Pardon Attorney: 202-616-6070

  4. 3 TDs. 1 playoff record. 1 win. helped boost the to their 6th straight AFC Title Game.

    Dion Lewis Divisional Round Highlights
  5. Join me this morning on as we preview an exciting inaugural week of President-elect .

  6. Chargers fans weren't quick to welcome L.A.'s newest NFL team to the Staples Center on Saturday night.

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  8. We like that, Mr. Payton. 👌

    We like that, Mr. Payton. 👌 #NBAVine
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  9. 👏🏼dont 👏🏼wear 👏🏼vans 👏🏼if 👏🏼you 👏🏼have 👏🏼never 👏🏼been 👏🏼hit 👏🏼by 👏🏼one

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  11. Top 10 anime betrayals

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  13. whats your fav "to be continued meme"?

  14. *grabs the hot sauce* #DCFamily #NBAVine
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  15. The 108-105 victory snaps a 9 game losing streak to the .


  17. Learn how has the story of Katherine Johnson impacted the career of aerospace engineer Lizalyn Smith.

  18. Jennifer Holliday backs out Trump inauguration performance

  19. This offense! Matty Ice finds Coleman for SIX.

    #SEAvsATL: Matty ICE!
  20. we've been having quite a bit of fun haven't we 🙈

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  22. Brandon Ingram has scored in double figures a career high four consecutive games.