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    113 total deleted tweets
  2. .: "[President 's] presidency is going to be remembered as a historical parentheses."

  3. WATCH: Giant alligator takes a stroll through Florida nature center

  4. .: "[] can tweet and he makes news everywhere. I want to see the tweets turned into policy.

  5. Jennifer Holliday backs out Trump inauguration performance

  6. Last night on "The O'Reilly Factor," expressed her outrage at the priorities of mayors of sanctuary cities.

  7. .: "Have Russian forces conducted repeated attacks on civilian targets." : "...It appears that they have."

  8. Golberg: 'Too many chuckleheads' weigh 'fake news' heavier than real reporting

  9. Goldberg: 'Too Many Chuckleheads' Weigh 'Fake News' Heavier Than Real Reporting

  10. .: "We learned... that the repeal and replace will happen, as Mr. Trump said, essentially simultaneously."

  11. .: "Jeff Sessions, if he were a Democrat, would have a stellar record on civil rights."

  12. Recent attacks on U.S. Government agencies - by confirmed/suspected countries.

  13. . on Report: Here’s what we have, we have the DNC as a siting duck.

  14. ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ is moving to a new time, 9p ET, starting Monday, January 9th. See you there!

  15. Montel Williams slams Chicago Facebook Live attack suspects on social media

  16. Gertz: We are faced with, what I call, an information warfare assault...This was about undermining the Democratic system in the US.

  17. Witness: "There are more spots that have been fired in the parking garage."

  18. Biden says Trump should "grow up"

  19. North Korea's nuclear capability growing every day, top US diplomat warns

  20. Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's slot, Martha MacCallum gets new show

  21. "There's always room for more education and we have a role to play in sharing as much information." - Dir Clapper on knowledge of public

  22. "The Republican plan to cut healthcare wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again." - on