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  2. 'Sliced' sea turtle found dead on Singapore beach

  3. Chinese communist paper prints obscenity-filled puzzle

  4. Trump: North Korea intercontinental missile 'won't happen'

  5. Bambi artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106.Animation historian, Charles Solomon says he 'drew what a forest feels like'

  6. South Korea scandal: Daughter of Choi Soon-sil arrested

  7. plead Iranians for imprisoned hunger striker

  8. Syria agrees truce with rebels - Putin

  9. "A two state solution is the only way to achieve peace" - on Israel-Palestinian conflict

    John Kerry on Israel and Palestine
    US Middle East Policy - BBC News
  10. Trump tells Israel 'to stay strong'

  11. 30 people drown after boat carrying a football team and fans capsizes on Lake Albert in Uganda, police say

  12. George Michael, unapologetic gay icon.

  13. Last Christmas, he gave us his heart... 💔 A look back at George Michael's life:

  14. Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher suffers major heart attack on London to LA flight, US media report

  15. UN Security Council passes resolution urging end to Israeli settlements, after US refuses to use veto

  16. Berlin attack suspect 'killed in Milan'

  17. 'Smartphone toilet paper' at Tokyo airport

  18. Trump appoints 'Death by China' author as head of US trade council

  19. Berlin attack: A German MP from Angela Merkel's CDU party believes that the country must clamp down on migration

  20. US singer James Taylor cancels Manila concert over drug war

  21. Singer Richard Marx 'restrains unruly man' on Korean Air flight

  22. Why China's parents tackle bullies on their own

  23. Chinese justice

  24. is sending investigators to after an off-duty policeman shot dead its ambassador in

  25. Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was famous for her way with words - and her nine marriages