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    38 total deleted tweets
  2. Today's video is now live! It's a great video! The best! Many people say it's tremendous.

  3. you need an XLR cable for that!

  4. how'd you get up there?

  5. Unless you're at a D&D table. Then KNOW YOUR ROLE. :P

  6. With as much money as Notch made $8k is hardly a sizable donation lol Hunter Moore used to donate $10k to ASPCA regularly

  7. Reboot Actraiser.

  8. Today we'll be having a serious chat about hot pockets and the eventual death of the universe.

  9. Happy New Year! Here's a picture of & me reinacting a picture of & (which I'm not posting). You're welcome.

  10. NEW VIDEO! Skiing Ostriches DEBUNK:

  11. not quite as exciting as a black midi, but I made this

  12. Merry Christmas folks! 2017 will be an exciting year!

  13. minecraft changed you. i remember the days when you demanded the slice only be approx 3mm

  14. If The Shining was a shape it'd be a: RedRhom-bus

  15. Far & Son is a modern Philemon Arthur and the Dung.

  16. Yes don't give it attention, otherwise it might like it and come back.

  17. adversary

  18. Please stop believing everything that is told to you, do your own research & don't be sheep. Much love.

  19. BRAND NEW EP w mānjē ! CHECK IT OUT!!!

  20. Should I quote retweet as if he were answering an arbitrary question?

  21. Does find punk rock American girls sexy😜?

  22. @gas_the_bike when I started caring about being part of society.

  23. ur mom so gay bro

  24. Det går att bygga precis allt i Minecraft – den här killen har hackat ihop en fullt fungerande Atari-emulator