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    50 total deleted tweets
  2. Chelsea Manning: "I cannot focus. I cannot sleep. I attempted to take my own life"

  3. The Taliban overran central neighborhoods in Kunduz on Monday and taunted Afghan forces on social media

  4. At his sentencing hearing, Dylann Roof is hearing from family members of his victims. Follow 's updates:

  5. Five consecutive drives have ended in punts with Alabama leading Clemson, 24-21, late in the national title game

  6. How caring for dogs and cats explains human health spending

  7. Trump Not Surprised by Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech

  8. A reminder: There is no movie called "Hidden Fences"

  9. "I'm an introvert, I barely leave the house. To be out here is a blessing but I'm like 'wow guys. It's just me.'l Issa Rae at

  10. At least three people are dead and several others wounded in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

  11. One NYT commenter's reaction to Megyn Kelly moving from Fox News to ABC

  12. The derailment occurred on track 6 at the Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush Avenue, a spokesman said

  13. How Trump’s Calls to World Leaders Are Upsetting Decades of Diplomacy

  14. The son of a famous pastor, Bart Campolo is now an athiest — using the skills he learned in the world he left behind

  15. French toast with oat crumble topping for breakfast this holiday weekend

  16. ‘Comfort Woman’ Statue Reinstated Near Japan Consulate in South Korea

  17. Theresa May, eyes on Trump, chides John Kerry over Israel. Such a special relationship!

  18. Long before the Holocaust, Germany killed tens of thousands in Namibia. It will soon recognize this as genocide.

  19. Syrian Government Announces Truce Backed by Russia and Turkey

  20. A French woman who killed her husband after decades of abuse has been given a full partson

  21. Carrie Fisher: A Look at Her Life Beyond ‘Star Wars’

  22. The Neediest Cases: Giving Up ‘Mostly Everything’ to Care for His Wife

  23. California, at Forefront of Climate Fight, Won’t Back Down to Trump

  24. Some are declaring that the "War on Christmas" is over. Find out who won.

  25. George Michael wrestled with fame. Frank Sinatra had some advice.