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    . Bzzzt. Assange isn't even changed. Is that what passes for 'thorough' at the Post these days?

  3. Berlin sculpture repurposed into WikiLeaks hourglass in Berlin—by Topsy Q'uret & friends of WikiLeaks:

  4. Why WikiLeaks spent so much effort keeping out of prison:

  5. . attorney David Coombs: "I felt that WikiLeaks was a co-accused" "This was a freedom of the press case"

  6. .'s Attorney Coombs: Media's silence during her trial contributed to gov abuse against her & 1st Amendment

  7. How Sweden is intercepting up to 80% of Russia's telecommunications and passing it to the NSA

  8. Top US intelligence professionals from CIA, NSA, DoS, military, issue letter to Obama over 'hacking' claims (PDF)

  9. CIA is a rogue organization out of control

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  11. 🔹Keep telling to 🔹Call the DOJ: 202-353-1555 🔹Call the office of the Pardon Attorney: 202-616-6070

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    He has never been charged at any time. That's the point. He isn't even charged with an office.

  13. Will the US deep state destroy ? Background: What is the deep state?

  14. Jacobin: Free Chelsea Manning Now More: https://couragefound,org/chelsea-manning

  15. Who do you believe America?

  16. (n): Where the White House authorizes officials to funnel anonymous claims to pet 'journalists' for political advantage.

  17. 'Intelligent, guerrilla-style doc' for some Sunday viewing? WikiLeaks road movie MEDIASTAN a must see:

  18. ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks press conf, Monday 9am ET streamed live responding to CIA report on WikiLeaks Background:

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    LIVE WikiLeaks press conf responding to CIA report on US election. Tweet your question with affixed!

  20. Mediator: WikiLeaks, D.N.C. Hacks and Julian Assange’s Years-Old Vision

  21. ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks press conf at 9am ET/2pm UTC responding to CIA report on US election. Use for questions. Audio live stream here.